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We are the First-time Homebuyer and it's been a wonderful experience to work with Sarah. My wife and I were looking for a new place to live since we need to get well prepared for our first child. I still remember how nervous we were when we shared the whole story with Sarah. Fortunately, she understood our concerns immediately and was very patient to explain all the details to us. Sarah also spent lots of her time understanding our needs. Because of her and her wonderful team, we successfully bought our first home in three weeks after we put an offer. It was even more than we expected! She is the one you can always put your trust with, and we feel very lucky to have Sarah as our realtor!

Gary T


My wife and I worked with Sarah on the purchase of our first home.  She made what could have been an intimidating and stressful experience into a pleasant and smooth process.  Sarah took the time to understand what we wanted in our first home.  She was extremely knowledgeable and did a great job of coaching us through the process.  Each time there was an important decision to be made, she made sure that we had all the information that we needed to make an informed choice, without ever making us feel rushed or crowded.  She was also incredibly responsive and organized.  

When we ran into a couple hiccups with our lender, Sarah stepped in and smoothed them out in a flash.  She also negotiated on our behalf with the seller's agent and it could not have gone more smoothly. Sarah's demeanor is always pleasant, polite and professional - but make no mistake, she has nerves of steel when it comes to representing her client's interests during negotiations.  

Sarah was patient, thoughtful and thorough from start to finish.  We have since referred some close friends to Sarah and they've had similar experiences.  We simply cannot recommend Sarah highly enough.

Eric O


My partner and I met Sarah on the last open house on our list towards the end of the day. Typically, around 4pm, we've noticed that some realtors are getting ready to go home or are nowhere to be found, but not Sarah. She was present, welcomed us, was friendly, and willing to answer any questions we had about the home she was showcasing. My partner and I enjoyed conversing with Sarah, and we liked her energy. She demonstrated a genuine interest in getting to know us and finding out what we were looking for in a home. We also found out we were practically neighbors in SF a few years ago and we began to talk about all the changes happening in SF and why it was time for us to move out. Before we left, we exchanged contact information. She asked for permission to put our info in her mailing-list and we consented.

The following weekend we made an appointment to meet with Sarah and her co-partner, Jen Pennington. They were a great team -- having both realtors working with us was a wonderful experience. In the meeting, we felt like Sarah and Jen really wanted to get to know us as a couple and as individuals. My partner and I were wowed by their teamwork, their thoroughness and patience with answering our questions, they even asked us questions we didn't think the end of the meeting we knew we were in good hands. Less than two months after looking, we purchased our first home.

I must admit I am having a hard time separating Jen from Sarah's review because they both displayed dedication and patience through our first home-buying experience. But for the review I will mention only Sarah -- who is knowledgeable, dedicated, gave us fantastic, well-thought-out advice and plenty of resources to maintain our new home. Sarah continues to be in contact with us by checking in.

We cannot thank Sarah enough for all her work and dedication. We absolutely recommend Sarah to our friends, family, colleagues, and whomever is ready to purchase a home.

Veronica W


Sarah's highly personalized touch to each of her clients makes her a rare gem in the bay area real estate market. She has a unique and complete approach where she takes care of every detail you could possibly need before, during, and after your home sale. My husband and I worked with her to buy our first home, and she was amazing at setting us up with a lender that fit our needs, while also helping educate us on the bay area market. She worked with us regularly over the course of a year, helping us get to a place where we would be ready to buy, both financially and mentally. When the time came for us to be ready to make an offer, we were so well prepared, that we were able to get the first house we placed an offer on. She moved so quickly there were no time for multiple offers from the seller’s side, and she worked so closely with all teams involved, that we even closed early! After the sale, she continued to check in to see how we were doing, and gave us tons of contacts for movers, contractors for our renovation, and even helped connect us to people and places in our new community. Our family is so happy in our new home, and it is all because of Sarah's highly personalized and unique touch. She found us the right home, in the right area, at a price we felt comfortable with. I very highly recommend working with Sarah! We will be working with her forever for our bay area home buying needs!

Kellie M


We would work with Sarah again with zero hesitation. She is incredibly organized, and process driven but flexible for the unique conditions involved in any real estate transaction. Sarah helped us sell our Marin home and guided us through the process in a clear, organized fashion resulting in multiple offers and a sale over asking. We have referred Sarah to multiple friends purchasing houses in Marin and they all had 5 Star experiences working with her. Sarah is the best!

Brett R


Sarah did an amazing job finding the right buyer for my mom's home. I've worked with many real estate brokers over the years but no one as skilled and professional as Sarah!

Kenneth V


Sarah helped my client sell their home in Larkspur and she did an amazing job! She got them a better price then they ever imagined and made the process smooth and transparent. She answered all their questions and was always available at every step of the process. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone selling their home in Marin county!

Nestor I


Sarah made our dream possible to live in downtown Mill Valley with her exceptional skills and assistance on all levels. We knew it would be very difficult to get into the neighborhood in our price range.
She was able to find us a home walking distance to downtown and Old Mill Park right before it was going on the market. Our offer was accepted. We were lucky.
Our jumbo approval was also challenging at first. We went with a broker we used before and started our loan application with Ethos Lending, SF.
Their lack of experience almost caused us losing the house.
Sarah had great working relationship with a local lender. They were not only able to take over and finalize our loan but also lowered our initial interest rate.
Thanks Sarah, you are our rock-star:-)

Kris V


Sarah has been such a pleasure to work with! She is an excellent listener and always offered fantastic and well-thought-out advice. Her dedication and patience really put us at ease. It is obvious that she is super passionate about the Marin area and truly loves helping people find their dream home. I would absolutely recommend Sarah to anyone!

Kathyrn D